-- [ QuickView plugin for UCCNC ] --

QuickView plugin for UCCNC

Plugin for browsing, checking and opening files. Preview can be zoomed and rotated.
File check searches for errors and also checks for UCCNC compatibility.
If SoftLimit is enabled it warns if any axis goes beyond its limits.
Recognizes lathe codes and displays it correctly. Also sets view and LED in UCCNC.

User and installation guide in PDF

UCCNC QuickView plugin

Version (date)Changes (16/02/2018)G40, G41, G42, G50, G51, G69 modal parameters error message disabled. Some improvements, fixes.
Windows 64 bit support (09/02/2017)Added G33.1 and G33.2 (07/02/2017)Added G33, G76 and lathe mode (display and LED)
G33.1, G33.2 not supported yet (19/01/2017)Some bugs fixed
G33, G33.1, G33.2, G76 not supported yet (08/09/2016)First public release
G33, G33.1, G33.2, G76 not supported yet

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